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Sims Technical Information

The purpose of this area is to collect and disseminate details on the various file formats and inner workings of The Sims. Ideally, it would be possible to collectively figure out ALL of the information and be able to create custom tools, objects, careers, NPCs, etc. This is too ambitous for a single person, but perhaps not for a community of people if we cooperate and share information freely. Even if we fall short of the ultimate goal, every little piece of information makes something new possible.

This information is being published in the hope that it helps others write tools and/or create objects. Feel free to use the information in any way that supports that goal.

It is our intent to publish the information in a way that makes it feasible for others to mirror the information on their own sites. However, if you don't plan to keep an up-to-date mirror and want to reference any of the information on a web page, please link to these pages rather than replicate the information. This just makes it easier to amend and correct things later on.

The technical information is divided into three major sections:

File formats
These are specialized formats, usually binary, that are used by the game. This section describes what is known about how the file's contents are organized and what any encoded values mean.
IFF resources
The IFF file format contains embedded resources. Resource types vary from the very specific (career track data) to the very general (a list of strings). This section describes what is known about the various IFF resources.
IFF bundles
IFF files may contain different sets of resources depending upon what role they play. A bundle is an IFF file used for a particular purpose which is organized in a specific way and contains a specific subset of the resource types. This section describes what is known about the IFF bundles.

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