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Macintosh programs


Command-line utilities built with libsims can be downloaded here. There's some skimpy documentation.

Link to FarMaker by Dave Baum.

Link to IFFSnooper by Peter Gould. Here is the latest source (if not, here is a possibly outdated local copy). With any luck, this is the most recent OSX binary (if not, this is an older copy) and this is the most recent OS9 binary (if not, this is an older copy).

Link to FarSight by Joe Strout.

Link to Meshwork by Joe Strout (distributed by Codenautics), a highly-rated 3D modeling program that imports Sim SKN-format files. As of this writing, it doesn't appear to export any game format. (Shareware, $30)

Link to SkinShrinker by Cherie Benoit of BangSplat. A necessity if you download any third-party skins.

Link to IFFTaxi by Cherie Benoit of BangSplat. (Shareware, $5)

Link to some sims utilities by someone in France. Mesh renamer, skin renamer, name rectifier, GUID checker. Source only; you must use RealBasic to run them (but you can get a demo version for free). Some kind person should generate binaries for these programs and publish them somewhere. The GUID checker to make sure there are no conflicts in your game is invaluable.

Link to the marvelous Simodifier® by Lake Group Software (Commercial, $12).

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