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Welcome to SimTech . . .

This site is dedicated to the development of a library (libsims) that will make it easier for developers to create tools that interact with The Sims (and its expansion packs), a popular game from Electronic Arts and Aspyr. One of the most intriging aspects of this game is the ability to add objects of your own design, but to create objects requires specialized tools, few of which exist, particularly for the Macintosh.

Unfortunately, the game file formats are not externally documented, so they must be determined by examination and experiment. Since the skill set needed to decode file formats isn't the same as the skill set needed to design and implement a user-friendly application, this library will allow a tool developer to focus on the part they do best and not have to be concerned with the details of the file formats.

A major focus of this site is documenting the technical aspects of the game so that it will be easier for people to create tools. Although this site specializes in tools for the Macintosh, the technical information and library should also be usable by those making tools on other platforms. If you have knowledge about the format of some game file or other technical details and can share it with us, please do so, and we will make it available to all.

Although the API for the library isn't complete yet, we have begun to collect C++ code that manipulates game files. If you have some code you can contribute, even if it's in another language, please contact us.

For more details about what we are (and are not), please see this expanded description.


9/12/03 - Added details for the TPRP resource

8/29/03 - Added very preliminary library documentation

8/26/03 - Added details for the TRCN resource

4/27/03 - Revised CARR description to include careers from Unleased

3/9/03 - Added details to the DGRP description

2/3/03 - Added information about a new string type used by TSO

12/23/02 - Added the FCNS description

11/9/02 - Added details to the TTAB description

11/4/02 - Added details for the FWAV and GLOB resources

10/15/02 - Completed facelift for web pages

7/26/02 - Project established at SourceForge

7/21/02 - Added details for the PALT resources

7/19/02 - Added details for the SPR2 resources

7/19/02 - Added details for the SPR# resources

7/15/02 - Added details for the DGRP resources

6/24/02 - Added details for the TTAB resources

6/15/02 - Added details for the BCON resources

6/14/02 - Added details for the OBJf resources

5/14/02 - Added initial details for the OBJD resources; still much to do

5/11/02 - Documented FAMs and TTAs as string resources; updated strings information to match

5/2/02 - Began a "miscellaneous" tech page for items that were too small to justify their own page

4/5/02 - Added details for the CFP file format

4/2/02 - Updated details for the BCF file format

3/22/02 - Added information about the "careers" IFF bundle

3/19/02 - Added information about the "characters" IFF bundle

3/17/02 - Updated CARR, STR#, and rsmp resource information

3/10/02 - Added details for the BMF file format

3/5/02 - Added details for the BCF file format

8/25/01 - Updated FarMaker to version 0.3

1/26/01 - Added details for STR# resources

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