The Sims™ Technical Library


(picture) Dave Baum
( as "DBaum")

Dave currently works for Motorola Labs and has the unlikely title of "Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff". In his spare time, he enjoys playing with Lego and computers.

(picture) Greg Noel
( as "GregNoel"; mention "Sims" in the subject)

During his professional career, Greg was one of the world's leading experts on the UNIX™ Operating System. While working, he made numerous contributions to the state of the art in the areas of networking and programming languages. Since his retirement, he dabbles in whatever projects catch his fancy.

(picture) Peter Gould
( as "Peter.Gould")

Peter is a neuropathologist in Quebec City, Canada, and amateur Mac programmer. He moderates the SimFreaks Mac forum and the SimLouvre Yahoo group in his spare time.

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